Our programs provide tools to enhance development, build self confidence, increase academic achievement, promote health and empower youth to be all they are made to be through physical literacy

Our curriculum is created by health professionals and designed to ensure that youth are meeting all the necessary standards to become physically literate

Let's get MOVING in order to EMPOWER our youth to BE all they are made to BE!

You will learn our 5 Pillars of MOVEMENT to assess and build physical literacy including:

Hi, I’m Kara Shull -
A Physical Therapist and Founder of MOVEMENT2BE,

I founded MOVEMENT2BE because as I began to treat more elite and professional athletes, I started to see more and more of an apparent disparity between those who have access to amazing programs in health and fitness and those who do not.

While some had opportunities to improve their skills and BE all they were made to BE.....MANY others did NOT.

The truth is, we all only get ONE body and what we do with it at a young age can determine a lot about our future.

I've heard countless adults say...."I wish I had known this when I was a kid." Why? Because they could have BEEN MORE if they only had someone telling them how to take care of their body.

Just like a dentist says brush your teeth to prevent cavities, MOVEMENT2BE curriculum teaches youth to become more physically literate, learning movement skills that will help them to live a lifestyle of health and fitness, and BE all they are made to BE.

Join today to inspire our youth through MOVEMENT.

100% of the costs of this course go to funding our programs in underserved communities, so do a good deed for your child and others - JOIN TODAY!